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Oil to Gas Conversion

Apartment Building-Old Oil to New Gas Conversion
Residential Property-Old Oil to New Gas Conversion

Have an old oil system?
Fish & Buch can give you options on replacing your current system with a Geothermal, Natural Gas, Heat Pump, or oil with a Heat Pump Hybrid System (duel fuel system).

In Lancaster County, some areas do not have natural gas available so the following are options available to update your system to equipment that is more energy efficient and save you money.

A: Heat Pump - A heat pump can reduce the amount of time needed to run your standard heating and cooling systems. This can reduce your monthly electric or gas bill. Heat pumps do not emit carbon dioxide (CO2), making them better for the environment. Some homes that are not well insulated would need back-up heat more than some newer homes.

B: Geothermal - A Geothermal is a great long term option. There is no oil tank or propane storage needed. There is no outdoor unit required for the air conditioner. A package geothermal unit requires some auxiliary back-up heat, but is minimal compared to a normal heat pump. Example of cost: A 3-ton geothermal is approximately $1700.00 per ton. A budget of $5,000-$6,000 is needed for the well digging. Installation of a 3-ton geothermal could cost between $15,000-$18,000 (Example, not a quote).

C: Replacement Old Oil System to New Oil System - Fish & Buch can install a heat pump on top of your furnace for a duel fuel system. Instead of the air turning on an electric strip heat inside a unit, which is basically a huge hair dryer inside, your indoor unit will then turn on your oil heat. Most of the time when we do this type of system we will include a Honeywell Focus Pro 8000 digital thermostat with an outdoor sensor. With the outdoor sensor, we will run the fossil fuel kit option that is built into the thermostat and we will set it up to run the heat pump when it is over 40 degrees outdoor ambient temperature. Heat pumps are very efficient when temperatures are 30 degrees or more. Combining the two will keep the oil truck from coming as frequently. Have you ever heard of a poor oil man?
  • If you buy an oil furnace the efficiency should be between 84-86% which is good and to be expected. The most important fact is to make sure the person who installs your new furnace does not install a furnace that is too large.
D: Propane - You need a tank that can be leased or purchased. If you have a tank for a fireplace, you may have to add a tank to be able to provide for a furnace. One thing to take into consideration is that propane is from refining fuel oil so it will move with the market price of oil.

E: Natural Gas - If natural gas is available (we can contact UGI for you and find out if there is a gas line on your street) you should consider the economic benefits and savings. The cost of heating with natural gas has become an attractive home heating option, especially during these economic challenging times. Natural gas burns cleaner and emits less carbon dioxide than other home heating fuels. Natural gas is dependable.
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